About Parlon

Parlon, specially designed and created for beauty and wellness services, gives consumers a better and more convenient way to discover and access relevant information. Parlon partners enjoy an expanded online presence and increased visibility as Parlon accommodates the most complex service menus. From brows, or hair, to massages, Parlon’s extensive listing brings beauty and wellness to your fingertips.

The Team

Kristine Claire Ongcangco

Jose Mariko Cornejo

[L-R] Jimson, Bianca, Aira, Tin, Jovelyn, Jonina, Kevin

Shot at one of our Parlon Partners - Belle and Stacy Nail Wax Spa

We know you miss going (or may need to go) to the beauty and wellness salons and clinics. As responsible citizens, we have the duty to stay home and practice social distancing. πŸ’•

Due to the unprecedented situation brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, most branches of our partners are closed until further notice. πŸ˜”

Feel free to browse through the services of our partners. We hope to rise and bounce back soon. When that time comes, our salon partners will surely do their magic in serving you that ultimate self-care session. 🌟