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Terms of Use
  1. PARLON does not have a contractual relationship with the Consumer in providing or supplying Beauty and/or Wellness Services.
  2. Parlon Partners and Consumers shall negotiate and contract independently. Any decision by the Consumer to inquire and avail of Beauty and Wellness Services is Consumer’s sole discretion.
  3. PARLON solely provides services that help Consumers choose and discover Parlors/Salons/Clinics, while aiding them in making their Services Portfolio and Promos accessible to Consumers online.
  4. The information and photos in the PARLON Listing are provided to PARLON by the Parlon Partners, through manual submission or through the PARLON Partner Dashboard.

Due to the unprecedented situation brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, salons may have limited operations. Please directly check with the salons their operational hours and the availability of their services. Thank you.